Survey-Grade Aerial Drones

EAS Specialty Services maintains a fleet of fixed-wing and quadricopter aerial drones equipped with the latest in aerial survey technologies to provide unique services for land surveying, materials testing, and environmental applications.

EAS’s survey drones capture survey-grade GPS-located aerial photographs. Our in-house data-processing engineers transform this raw data into 3D models.

Wide-Area Topographic Maps

EAS’s aerial drones, operated by in-house FAA-licensed unmanned aircraft pilots, feature real-time GPS receivers, high resolution cameras, and other sensors which are used together to produce 3D models of the ground below. Our in-house data processing team takes the raw data captured by the drones and creates high resolution aerial photographs and topographic maps. These wide area maps can provide centimeter accurate elevations throughout sites up to hundreds of acres. EAS survey drones allow us to produce higher quality surveys in a fraction of the time required with traditional on-the-ground surveys.

Our 3D site models are perfect for generating wide-area topographic maps, accurately quantifying cut/fill volumes over time, and more.

Accurate Models with Fast Turnarounds

The availability of rapidly-produced, accurate surveys allows EAS to quantify site features other firms must estimate. For example, pre- and post-construction surveys of stockpiles or borrow pits can accurately quantify the volume of soil moved. With irregular stockpiles or banks, conventional surveys are often too expensive or too time consuming to conduct. EAS’s drones require less time in the field and can be processed rapidly in the office to give you the information you need.

Infrared Imaging

EAS’s newest drone features infrared recording in addition to visible light. Infrared/thermal images, captured over wide areas, have a wide range of additional uses, such as determining air-conditioning leaks in warehouse roofs and providing accurate delineation of wetland features over a wide area.


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