Specialty Services

In addition to EAS’s standard services, we offer a range of unique Specialty Services to enhance EAS’s multi-discipline advantage. Each of these services benefit from the close integration of geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, materials testing, and land surveying.


Survey Grade Aerial Drones

EAS maintains a fleet of drone-mounted camera and GPS systems which provide wide-area color photography, topographic mapping, and thermal imaging, and can provide 4K video inspections of hard-to-observe parts of your site.

Ground Penetrating Radar

EAS has sled, pole-mounted, and handheld ground penetrating radar scanners which allow deeper views into hidden areas. Using these scanners, EAS can accurately identify and locate underground storage tanks in Phase II ESAs, locate utility lines for as-built surveys, or identify the presence of reinforcing steel during concrete evaluations.

3D Scanning

EAS’s 3D scanner produces high-resolution, high speed interior and exterior point clouds. These point clouds capture laser-accurate dimensions of features which can then be imported directly into AutoCAD for reduction.

Pipe Inspections and Jetting

EAS’s Pipe Inspection crew uses a state-of-the-art collection of robotic CCTV cameras and laser scanners to provide high resolution and high accuracy inspections of pipes up to 1000 feet long, with diameters ranging 2 inches up to 11+ feet. If pipes are inaccessible due to sediment buildup, EAS has an in-house jetting and vacuum system to provide access with minimal delay.

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