Residential Land Surveying

EAS’s residential land surveying division is organized around the unique needs of homebuilders. Unlike large commercial projects which spend months developing a single site, our residential clients develop hundreds of homesites in dozens of subdivisions, simultaneously. To serve these demanding needs, EAS has a staff of quick-response field crews using the latest survey technologies to provide reliable information fast. Home developers are assigned a single contact person for all their survey needs, so getting the surveys you need is simple.

EAS’s unique development-wide aerial topographic surveys are one of many services we provide to assist homebuilders of all sizes.

Unique Services

EAS provides homebuilders with services other local survey teams cannot match.

EAS Specialty Services’ Aerial Mapping Drone allows our team to generate high-resolution aerial photographs of entire developments at once, complete with accurate topography. EAS drafting technicians can use this data and local code requirements to produce graphical lot fits for your various home models. Having accurate layouts and topographic information before construction has helped our clients to reduce unexpected costly grading or the need for retaining walls.

Typical Residential Survey Services

  • Plot Plans
  • Pin locating
  • Footing pinning
  • House staking/restakes as necessary
  • Foundation/box checking
  • Floodplain development permits
  • Lot and subdivision-wide aerial photographs with topography


Contact us today to see how EAS’s residential surveying team can support your projects from conception to closing.