Design Engineering

EAS’s engineers work closely with geotechnical specialists and materials testing technicians to ensure you get the right solution, built correctly.

EAS provides design engineering services for many common site-development needs. Combining our geotechnical expertise with our deep knowledge of construction materials and processes allows us to identify and design cost-effective solutions to problems as as:

  • Earth Retention Systems
    • Mechanically Stabilized Earth/Block Walls
    • Gravity Block Walls
    • Soil Nail Walls
    • Solider Pile Retaining Walls
  • Engineered Geogrid-Reinforced Earth Slopes
  • Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Jointing and Section Design
  • Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement Jointing and Section Design
  • Pervious Concrete Pavement Design


Contact us today to learn more about how EAS’s engineered designs can be an asset to your project.