EAS’s engineering services are a critical component of the due diligence, design, and construction processes. ¬†We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive engineering services through every phase of your project.

Geotechnical Engineering

Knowledge of a site’s subsurface conditions is critical for accurate foundation and site-development recommendations. Near-surface rock, karst topography, uncontrolled deep fill, groundwater, and other sensitive subsurface conditions can be addressed early in a development’s planning stages to keep the project on time and within budget.

EAS’s geotechnical engineers focus on providing cost-effective and thorough subsurface investigations, which can help minimize costly surprises. We deliver accurate, site-specific geotechnical information and recommend real-world solutions, not vague boilerplate verbiage.

Environmental Engineering

EAS works with commercial and residential developers and appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that the due diligence requirements for innocent landowner status, according to 40 CFR 312, are met. Our environmental professionals produce comprehensive reports and detailed site histories, which have on numerous occasions uncovered information missed by other firms.

Our trained and certified environmental staff also provide cleanup plans and monitoring, wetland delineation, Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal oversight, asbestos and lead-based paint sampling, and permitting assistance. Our objective is to help our clients to achieve land acquisition, development, and permit closure in full compliance with environmental regulations.

Design Engineering

EAS engineers offer a range of design services that complement our geotechnical understanding of the sites. We frequently design plans, details, and specifications for retaining walls (Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE), cast-in-place concrete, soil nail, and more), asphalt and concrete pavements (including comprehensive joint layouts), reinforced earth slopes with internal and external stability analyses, subgrade stabilization, and seismic analyses and remediation. Upon request, we also have capabilities to assist our clients with non-traditional designs, such as warehouse racking systems.