Testing and Inspections

Successful construction projects require that the materials used meet specification requirements and are installed properly. We believe in making sure the job is done right the first time, to prevent costly or dangerous problems in the future. EAS’s team of skilled, certified staff and field professionals work with our clients to minimize construction rework, avoid potential failures, and verify that installed materials meet project requirements, and are installed correctly. Should problems occur, EAS’s team of geotechnical and construction materials engineers are equipped to provide cost-effective recommendations to make the issues right and quickly get your project back on track.

Construction Materials Testing

EAS’s CMT department tests materials and components for compliance with project plans and specifications. EAS offers CMT services for concrete, asphalt, soils, structural steel, foundations, and more. Our certified and experienced technicians and engineers will work with your team to help keep your project on schedule and budget while assuring that no corners are cut.

Special Inspections

EAS’s CMT specialists are prepared to provide Special Inspections as required by the International Building Code and many states and municipal requirements. EAS is involved throughout the entire construction process to provide code-compliant observation and testing of relevant construction procedures and materials. Common Special inspections include soil compaction, concrete compressive strength, structural steel welding and bolting, seismic provisions, fireproofing and firestops, and reinforced masonry.

Typical CMT Services

EAS Materials Testing technicians ensure that your projects are done the way you want them: safely and correctly, the first time.
  • Asphalt
    • Mix design verification
    • Field observations and testing
    • Verification of pavement thickness and density
  • Concrete
    • Mix designs and verification
    • Field observations and testing in accordance with AASHTO, ACI, and ASTM procedures
    • Laboratory testing
    • Evaluation of hardened, in-place concrete
    • Slab Flatness and Levelness Testing (FF/FL)
  • Soils
    • Evaluation of on- and off-site borrow soils for compliance with specifications as structural fill
    • Assessment of need for moisture conditioning
    • Soil compaction testing and inspection
    • Evaluation of the need for undercutting and stabilization
  • Foundations
    • Construction observations and testing for shallow foundations, pile installations, helical piers, drilled piers, auger cast piles, geotextile-reinforced foundations, and more


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